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    With my impending move, I’ve been spending some time thinking of moving tips that I’ve heard, read, or come up with through my own moving experience. I haven’t started my adventures in packing my house yet, but I know the time is coming soon. While I scan pinterest board after pinterest board for ways to make my life easier, I thought I might share the tips I know I will be using when I have to start filling those boxes.

    Get rid of your stuff

    I feel like I give some variation of this tip very regularly and here I am doing it again. Call me a minimalist in training. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use, that no longer bring you joy, or that are just plain junk. There’s no reason to move things to your new house that you don’t get use out of. So, while you’re packing up (or even before you start packing) take the opportunity to rid yourself of some of the excess weight.

    Pack décor first

    Your décor is perfect to pack up first because they’re non-essential items. A lot of times décor may need to be bubble wrapped or packed carefully, so getting an early start on packing them is always a good idea.

    Don’t wait to pack your kitchen

    I know we just established that packing your décor early because it’s non-essential is a good idea. So, you’re probably thinking, “well, I kind of need my kitchen stuff to, you know, cook and eat”. You’re right and I’m not suggesting just eating out the entire time you’re working on packing and moving. I’m just thinking paper plates and plastic utensils might be your friends for a couple of weeks, including when you first move into your new house. Like some of your décor, kitchen items are often fragile and need to be carefully packed, which takes time, so again, starting early is a good idea. Plus, doesn’t the idea of not having dishes to due while you’re moving sound amazing?

    Get moving boxes

    I have a couple tips for you regarding boxes. First, I really think it’s worth it to buy moving boxes. I know you can get them in assorted sizes for free from stores that are just going to toss them out. However, it makes loading a moving truck or vehicle much, much easier if they’re all the same size, or just a few sizes. So, spend the extra cash to make your life a little easier. Second, label them. Once they’re packed with things, write which room they belong to. This is very helpful for you and anyone helping you unpack, to know exactly where to take the boxes.

    Don’t pack up those first day items

    It can be easy to get caught up in the “pack everything” mindset, but don’t forget to leave out (or pack in an overnight bag) the items you’ll need for your first day/night in the new house! You’ll definitely want some toilet paper, your toothbrush, your phone charger, your bedding, etc. to be easily accessible to you and not packed away in a box somewhere.

    Ask for help

    Moving can be daunting and physically and mentally exhausting. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family if they can help with the packing and moving. If they’re gracious enough to say yes, make sure you keep them full and happy! I find pizza and beer really go hand in hand with moving day. Bottled water is usually a good idea, too.

    I hope these tips help you when you’re facing your next move. I know they’re going to make my life easier!

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