Fixing Up Your House on a Budget

    Whether you’ve lived in your house for a long time and you’re thinking it could use some sprucing up, or you’ve just bought yourself a fixer-upper, here are some tips to get started on your renovations, even if you’ve got limited funds.

    Write it all down

    It can be easy to dream up your ideal home, but ideas start to spiral and turn into other ideas or spark new thoughts. So, as you come up with them, write your ideas down on a list. Maybe they’ll be “someday” lists with big ideas like adding on to the house or “tomorrow” lists with small ideas like changing out light fixtures. Either way, write it down. This will make it easier to organize and prioritize.

    Focus on what’s important

    Okay, you’ve written your list(s), but after scribbling down every thought and dream, said list is 10 pages long. So now what? Figure out what’s important and what you can afford first and make those a priority. If some bigger, more expensive items truly are a priority to you, start budgeting and planning ways to make those ideas a reality.

    Consider DIY

    While it’s true there are things you should leave to professionals (like electrical work), there are things you’ll be able to do yourself. Labor costs add up quick, so avoiding those fees when you can is important when you’re on a budget. Enlist family and friends to help and you may not only save on money, but you may also save on time, getting the job done quicker.

    Shop those sales

    Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Hardware stores and the like often have holiday sales or things on clearance. Shop around to find discounted items or the best deals. If you find something that you’ll need for a future project on super sale, it’s probably worth it to buy it cheap and hold onto it until you’re ready to use it. You might also find some goodies at yard sales; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all!

    Whatever your dreams and plans are for your home, know that they can be a reality, even if your budget is tight. It may take some time but turning your house into your dream home will be worth the time and effort!

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